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International Cycle of Lectures | Right to the City

From: 2019-06-01 To:2020-06-30

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    Philosophy & Public Space
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    In an increasingly urban world, the city is a unique space to gauge the visibility and relevance of the problems brought about by rapid social, economic, technological, cultural and political change. Appropriated by neoliberal dynamics, the city has become fragmented far beyond its constituent pluralism. Social cohesion may thus be compromised, forcing us to consider other modes of civic participation.

    Half a century after Henri Lefebvre's Le Droit à la Ville was published, the demand for the qualitative recovery of urban life, generated by the growing contradictions of the capitalist society, has come to play a special role in the right to the city. The spatial arrangement of production and wealth, privatisations, bio-political surveillance, migration flows and mobility, widespread urbanisation, tourism and gentrification, climate change, poverty, housing and technocratic management are some of the phenomena that have impacted significantly on contemporary social representations and political dynamics, leading us to rethink the figures of urbanity.

    Thus, the aim of this initiative is to think of the city – a privileged place to build the common in all its material and immaterial diversity – through cooperation among different disciplinary approaches that can contribute to contemporary reflection on the multiplicity of phenomena that transform the spaces and the tensions experienced within them.

    More information: https://ppscic2019-2020.wixsite.com/righttothecity

    Research Group Philosophy and Public Space
    Apoio técnico, divulgação e comunicação: Irandina Afonso - Ana Carina Vilares
    Instituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto - FIL/00502
    Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

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