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Session 2 | Ways to Think About the Brain with György Buzsáki

From: 2021-12-14 To:2021-12-14

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  • 14 December 2021 | 17h00 | Online

    Within the scope of the seminars programme ABLeS 2021-2022, Architecture: Philosophy and Science, under the theme Mind the Brain will be broadcast on December 14, 2021, 17:00 GMT, the conference Ways to Think About the Brain, by New York University School of Medicine neuroscientist György Buzsáki.


    The attendance is free of charge and open to anyone, but registration is mandatory.
    If you plan to attend, please register here.


    #2 Seminar

    Ways to Think About the Brain by György Buzsáki (New York University)


    Abstract: Current neuroscience is largely fueled by an empiricist philosophy that assumes the brain’s goal is to perceive, represent the world, and learn the truth. An inevitable consequence of this framework is the assumption of a decision-making homunculus wedged between our perception and actions. In contrast, I advocate that the brain’s fundamental function is to induce actions and predict the consequences of those actions to support the survival and prosperity of the brain’s host. Only actions can provide a second opinion about the relevance of the sensory inputs and provide meaning for and interpretation of those inputs. In this “inside-out” framework, the brain comes with a preconfigured and self-organized dynamic that constrains how it acts and views the world. In the brain’s nonegalitarian organization, preexisting nonsense brain patterns become meaningful through action-based experience. I will show recent experiments that support this framework.


    György Buzsáki, MD, PhD, Biggs Professor of Neuroscience, Department of Neuroscience and Physiology, New York University.

    Author of the books Rhythms of the Brain, Oxford University Press (2006) and The Brain from Inside Out, Oxford University Press (2019).



    Live sessions will be broadcast via streaming, recorded, and later edited and made available in open access on the digital platform, as part of the Autofocus Blended Learning eSeminars ABLeS INTERSECTIONS.





    The programme – Architecture: Philosophy and Sciences – is a partnership between three R&D centres:
    Mind Language Action Research Group (MLAG) - Institute of Philosophy of the University of Porto - FIL/00502
    CEAU - Centre for Studies of Architecture and Urbanism of the Faculty of Architecture of University of Porto
    CITAD - Centre for Research in Territory, Architecture, and Design/G1 of FAA / Faculty of Architecture and Arts of Lusíada University –North/Porto.

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