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Instituto de Filosofia


The Instituto's structure was modified in november 2016. Due to the shrink of the TL Philosophy of Education research team, it was decided to transfer several of their ongoing activities to other thematic line and research groups. By that resason the thematic line Philosophy of Education and the research group Philosophy o Education and Cotemporaneity were closed by 31 december 2016. At the same time the research group Philosophy and Public Space was moved to the thematic line Modern and Contemporary Philosophy.

Here are archived the guidelines and activities of the thematic line Philosophy of Education, one of the tree founder lines of the Instituto in 1997.

ARCHIVE: the thematic line aims to promote the production of knowledge in a way suited to the philosophy of education, which involves the survey and treatment of philosophical and anthropological problems, within what may be considered the critical labor of pedagogical reason. This labor, which defines the philosophy of education, accurately characterizes the diverse initiatives and projects of the 2 reserach groups within the thematic line.