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Ana Carina Vilares


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    She is a PhD in Ethics and Political Philosophy since 2014 by the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of the University of Porto (FLUP), with the thesis The Ethical Path of Recognition. A dialogue with Adela Cortina, published in Portugal as a book. At the same Faculty, she develops her investigation since 2009 within the Research Group Philosophy and Public Space of the Institute of Philosophy of FLUP, founded by Professor Paula Cristina Pereira and financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

    The main research interests are Ethics and Politics (articulation), Social and Political Philosophy and the concept and practice of Recognition as a philosophical, ethical and political issue (working within the main references of Aristóteles, Kant, Hegel, Marx, Arendt, Rawls, Habermas, Honneth, Cortina, Benhabib and Fraser).

    From her work, we can pointed out the book O percurso ético do reconhecimento. Um diálogo com Adela Cortina, Porto, Edições Afrontamento, 2017; the study «O percurso do reconhecimento: sobre os fenómenos da fratura e da ligação na contemporaneidade» Journal Utopía y Praxis Latinoamericana, nº 70, pp. 17-34, 2015 (Venezuela); and the chapter «Ideas de justicia: un diálogo con J. Rawls, A. Sen y A. Cortina» in Bioética, Neuroética, Libertad y Justicia, pp. 523-533, Granada: Comares, 2013 (Spain).

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