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Sofia Miguens

Associate Professor with Agregation


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    Modern & Contemporary Philosophy
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    Mind, Language & Action
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    Curriculum Vitae

    Sofia Miguens is Associate Professor (Professora Associada com Agregação) at the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto. She was a Visiting scholar at New York University (Fall 2000), a Visiting Research Fellow at Institut Jean Nicod-Paris (2007-2008) and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Sydney – Australia (2013). Between 2004 and 2006 whe was President of the Portuguese Philosophical Association (Sociedade Portuguesa de Filosofia, SPF)

    She is author of six books: Uma Teoria Fisicalista do Conteúdo e da Consciência – D. Dennett e o debates da filosofia da mente (2002), Racionalidade (2004), Filosofia da linguagem – uma introdução (2007), Será que a minha mente está dentro da minha cabeça ? (2008), Compreender a Mente e o Conhecimento (2009) and John McDowell – uma análise a partir da filosofia moral (2014).

    She is editor of several others, most recently Consciousness and Subjectivity (Frankfurt, Ontos, 2012), Conversations on Practical Rationality (Newcastle, CUP, 2013), Reflective Consciousness – Sartre and contemporary philosophy of mind (London, Routledge, 2015) and The Logical Alien At 20 (Harvard University Press, forthcoming). She has published widely in Portuguese, English and French on several topics in philosophy of mind and language, epistemology and cognitive science, moral and political philosophy and history of 20th century philosophy.

    At the IF she is Director of Gabinete de Filosofia Moderna e Contemporânea (GFMC) and Principal Investigator (and founder, in 2005) of MLAG (Mind, Language and Action Group). She was Principal Investigator of FCT Projects Rationality, Belief, Desire II – from cognitive science to philosophy (2005-2008) (POCTI/FIL/55555/2004) and The Bounds of Judgement – Frege, cognitive agents and human thinkers  (PTDCI/FIL-FIL/109882/2009) (2011-2014) Conversations on Practical Rationality and Human Action, funded by FLAD (2007-2011). She has been team member of several other research projects in Portugal and abroad. She is the Portuguese coordinator of the CNRS network PloCo La philosophie du langage ordinaire.

    Her Research interests are: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Cognitive Science, Epistemology, and History of Contemporary Philosophy.

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