Medieval & Early Modern Philosophy


The two Medieval & Early Modern Philosophy research groups focus their research mainly on texts of the Latin medieval philosophical tradition and the emergence of philosophy in the neo-latin languages, following the demarcations and general guidelines set for the thematic line.

Without losing the specificity of their research programs, both groups work interconnectedly, with researchers affiliated in both, as well as sharing activities and developing common projects.

The Thematic Line correesponds to the Gabinete de Filosofia Medieval, a research group founded in 1987 by Professor Cândida Pacheco and a small group of then Medieval Philosophy Master students. The Gabinete was central in the creation of the Instituto de Filosofia as a research Unit in 1997.

Since 2018 the Medieval Philosophy research groups moved to a bew level of research organisation, more consitently axed in external funded projects and a more consilidated team, with new 3 scientific researchers and 4 project felows.


Principal Investigator: José Meirinhos.
Core Investigators and membrs of IF's Scientific Council: José Meirinhos, José C. Miranda, Paula Oliveira e Silva, Maria do Rosário Ferreira.


Projects with external funding (current, 2019):

  1. Biblioteca do Convento de São Salvador de Vilar de Frades (séc. XVI-XVIII) (2018-2019) - DRCN
  2. Da memória escrita à leitura do espaço: Pedro de Barcelos e a identidade cultural do Norte de Portugal (2018-2021) - FCT
  3. From Data to Wisdom (2018-2021) - FCT
  4. Petrus Hispanus: Critical Edition and Study of the Works - 1 (2016-2019) - FCT
  5. Vernacular Europe (2019-2020) - FCT


Internal projects underway (2019):
(some of these evolved from former externaly funded projects)

  1. Arca. Textos e autores medievais portugueses
  2. Animal rationale mortale
  3. Iberian Scholastic Philosophy at the Crossroads of Western Reason: The Reception of Aristotle and the Transition to Modernity
  4. Imago mundi
  5. Seminário Medieval de Literatura, Pensamento e Sociedade
  6. Sephardic Portuguese Authors



  1. Current & Concluded



  1. Mediaevalia. Textos e estudos
  2. Civitas Augustiniana
  3. Guarecer. Revista Eletrónica de estudos medievais

        in international collaboration:

  1. Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval (Celia López executive Editor)
  2. Mediterranea. International Journal on the Transfer of Knowledge


Book series

  1. Imago Mundi. Filosofia em texto e tradução (Ed. Afrontamento, Porto)
  2. Textos e estudos de Filosofia Medieval (Húmus Ed., V.N. Famalicão)
  3. edition from 2005 to 2013: Texts et études du Moyen Âge (FIDEM / Brepols Publishers, Turnhout)