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Philosophy and Public Space International Network


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PaPSIN - Philosophy and Public Space International Network

external webpage: https://ifilosofia.up.pt/proj/papsin


The purpose of the Network is to establish a group of national and international researchers that address and debate, from a transdisciplinary perspective, the notions of public space and city within contemporary political and social representations and dynamics. The intention is to operate an effective exercise of epistemic intersection between emerging experience and knowledge as necessary and constituent elements of discourses and practices in this field of inquiry and intervention.


International Researchers|Partners

Already confirmed

Researchers from the RG Philosopy of the City - Shane Epting, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Ronald Sundstrom, University of San Francisco; Michael Nagenborg, University Twente, Holland; Jules Simon, University of El Paso.

Vicente Domingo García-Marzá, RG Practical Ethics and Democracy at the Universitat Jaume I, Castellón, Spain.

Julia Urabayen, University of Navarra.

Jorge León Casero, University of Zaragoza.

Sharon Meagher, Marymount Manhattan College.

Magali Bessone, Sorbonne, Paris I.

Benjamin Boudou, Max Plank Institute.

Edouard Delruelle, Université de Liège.

REDIVEP - Red Iberoamericana de Investigación Vida Cotidiana, Ética, Estética, Educación y Política (Iberoamerican Network for Research on Daily Life, Ethics, Aesthetics, Education and Politics). Nueva Caracas, Venezuela.

Insumisos Latinoamericanos - Red de Investigadores Latinoamericanos por la Democracia y la Paz (Network of Latin American Researchers for Democracy and Peace). 

Laboratório de Estudos Transdisciplinares dos Processos de Subjectivação Contemporâneas (Laboratory of transdisciplinary studies on contemporary subjectivation processes), Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Researchers from the RG Philosopy and Public Space - Paula Cristina Pereira, University of Porto; Maria João Couto, University of Porto; Adalberto Dias de Carvalho, University of Porto; Joaquim Escola, University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro; Magda Carvalho Teixeira, University of Açores; Ana Carina Vilares, University of Porto; Maria da Graça Silva, University of Porto; José Luís Gonçalves, University of Porto; Maria Assumpta Coimbra, University of Coimbra; Fernando Evangelista Bastos, University of Porto; Carlos João Silva, University of Porto; Dirk Michael Schmidt, University of Porto; Giuseppa Spenillo, University of Pernambuco; José Alberto Pinheiro, University of Porto.


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