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Consciousness and Subjectivity

Sofia Miguens e Gerhard Preyer (Eds.), «Consciousness and Subjectivity» 2012

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Publication of Archived Group GFMC (2012 - 2015), now integrated in:
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    Modern & Contemporary Philosophy
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      Sofia Miguens e Gerhard Preyer (Eds.)
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      Consciousness and Subjectivity
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    Consciousness and Subjectivity


    Edição: 2012
    Páginas: 363
    Editora: ontos verlag
    ISBN: 978-3-86838-136-8
    Colecção: Philosophische Analyse, Philosophical Analysis
    Volume: 47

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    Sobre o livro:

    Issues of subjectivity and consciousness are dealt with in very different ways in the analytic tradition and in the idealistic phenomenological tradition central to continental philosophy. This book brings together analytically inspired philosophers working on the continent with English-speaking philosophers to address specific issues regarding subjectivity and consciousness. The issues range from acquaintance and immediacy in perception and apperception, to the role of agency in bodily 'mine-ness', to self-determination (Selbstbestimmung) through (free) action. Thus involving philosophers of different traditions should yield a deeper vision of consciousness and subjectivity; one relating the mind not only to nature, or to firstperson authority in linguistic creaturesquestions which, in the analytic tradition, are sometimes treated as exhausting the topicbut also to many other aspects of mind's understanding of itself in ways which disrupt classic inner/outer boundaries.


    Sobre os autores:

    Sofia Miguens is Associate Professor (ProfessoraAssociada com Agregação) at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Porto. Her MPhil and PhD studies were supervised by Fernando Gil (École des HautesÉtudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)), Paris / New University of Lisbon (FCSH/UNL). She was a Visiting scholar at New York University (Fall 2000) and a Visiting Research Fellow at Institut Jean Nicod-Paris (2007-2008). She was President of the Portuguese Philosophical Association (Sociedade Portuguesa de Filosofia, SPF) (2004-2006) and Head of the Philosophy Department at the University of Porto (2008-2010). She has been a member of the Board of the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Porto since 2007 (2007-2008) (2008-2010) (2010-2014). She is the Founder and Principal Investigator of MLAG (Mind, Language and Action Group), a research group of the Institute of Philosophy of Porto, which she now coordinates with Charles Travis (King's College - London). She is author of five books  (Uma TeoriaFisicalista do Conteúdo e da Consciência – D. Dennett e os debates da filosofia da mente, 2002; Racionalidade, 2004; Filosofia da Linguagem – umaintrodução (2007); Seráque a minhamenteestádentro da minhacabeça? (2008) and Compreender a Mente e o Conhecimento (2009)) and editor of several others, among them Aparência e Realidade (2010), Aspectos do Juízo (2011) and Acção e Ética - ConversassobreRacionalidadePrática (2011). She has published numerous articles, review articles and book chapters in Portuguese, English and French.

    Prof. Dr. Gerhard Preyer is professor of sociology at the Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany. Among his publications are Intention and Practical Thought (2011), Donald Davidson’s Philosophy. From Radical Interpretation to Radical Contextualism (2012) and Interpretation, Language and the Social.Philosophical Articles (2005). He edits ProtoSociology. An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research www.proto

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