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The Instituto de Filosofia is a research unit integrated in the Portuguese national scientific system. The unit is internationally assessed and funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. Reference of the strategic project 2015-2020: UI&D/Fil/00502.


Welcome to the Institute of Philosophy Portal

Bem-vindo ao portal do Instituto de Filosofia

The University of Porto’s Institute of Philosophy is a research unit with activities consolidated in three domains of philosophical studies, interconnectedly exploring several philosophical areas. Currently with 6 active research groups, it aggregates 52 integrated researchers (i.e. with a PhD) from 6 universities and 1 polytechnic, about 30 graduate researchers (enrolled in a doctoral or master’s program) and also about 100 collaborative researchers. The Institute has active members from 6 nationalities. Its projects, publications, involvement in post-graduate teaching, and pluridisciplinary cooperation, give the Institute a distinguished position in the domain of scientific research, earning it national and international recognition.

The Institute’s activity is guided by the firm belief that philosophy and research in philosophy have given and continue to give a critical contribution for the discussion, understanding and clarification of those major questions that interest humankind and society. For that reason, the Institute is committed, through its research groups, projects and members, to sharing its results, namely, by establishing partnerships and cooperating with other institutions.

It is the Institute’s and its members’ firm belief that ongoing and concluded research should be open an disseminated without constraints. As a consequence of that commitment, this portal is regularly updated and was designed to publicize the ongoing activities, as well as to make available the results of concluded research. We hope that the curiosity or the needs of those who visit and that it may be a catalyst for possible partnerships, as well as arouse interest in philosophy and our activity.

In the three previous exercises of national evaluation performed by the FCT the Institute has been classified with “Excellent”. In the evaluation process initiated in 2013, the IP was classified as “Very Good”, following which the IP has required a justification of the assessment provided by the international panel of ESF/FCT.


IF's strategic project for 2015-2020 is funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. Ref. UI&D/Fil/00502:


Executive Committee / Comissão Executiva

  • Paula Oliveira e Silva (Director / Scientific Coordinator)
  • Mattia Riccardi
  • Paulo Tunhas


Scientific Council / Conselho Científico

  • Paula Oliveira e Silva (President)
  • João Alberto Pinto
  • José Carlos Miranda
  • José Meirinhos
  • Maria Celeste Natário
  • Maria Eugénia Vilela
  • Maria do Rosário Ferreira
  • Maria João Couto
  • Paula Cristina Pereira
  • Paulo Tunhas
  • Renato Epifânio
  • Sofia Miguens Travis


International Board of Advisors (2015-2020)

  • Prof. Maarten Hoenen (Universität Basel)
  • Prof. Danièle Cohn (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)
  • Dr. Anita Gramigna (Universitá degli studi di Ferrara)


Institute's structure


The main aim of the Institute of Philosophy is to foster and to support research in philosophy and to make it available to the widest possible audience, both in and outside the academia, in Portugal and abroad. This is to be accomplished mostly through the Institute’s publications and the events it organizes (conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures, colloquia, etc.). 
The Institute’s research activity is carried out in close connection with graduate teaching developed in the Philosophy Department. 
The Institute is strongly committed to excellence and to be a leading national and international reference in key areas of philosophical research. Accordingly, it promotes domain-specific theoretical collaboration among Portuguese academic philosophers. 
The Institute also aims at extending its reach to the worldwide Portuguese-speaking philosophical community. The Institute has established protocols with other Portuguese research units or groups, namely in the areas of LanguageMind and CognitionPhenomenologyMedieval Philosophy and Philosophy of Education, Portuguese thinking. Cooperation agreements with research groups in several other countries have also been signed. These protocols and agreements and the network they represent underlie interuniversity degrees in several domains of philosophy, connected with the research carried on within the Institute.


História / History

O Instituto de Filosofia (IF) é uma unidade de investigação criada em 1986 por iniciativa da então Secção de Filosofia da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto (FLUP), hoje  Departamento de Filosofia. A Faculdade de Letras é a unidade de acolhimento e de gestão financeira do Instituto de Filosofia. Atualmente o Instituto de Filosofia tem 52 “investigadores integrados” (i.e. doutorados com contrato com instituição de ensino ou investigação, segundo a definição da FCT) provenientes de 8 instituições de ensino superior, sendo a maioria da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto..
Desde 1998, o IF é uma unidade de investigação reconhecida e financiada pela Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) - Unidade I&D 502. Neste âmbito, o IF foi quatro vezes avaliado por painéis internacionais da FCT, tendo obtido a classificação de Excelente (1998, 2003, 2008). Na avaliação de 2013-2014 pela European Science Foundation / FCT o IF obteve a classificação de Muito Bom.

O IF faz parte do sistema científico nacional sendo a sua atividade auditada e avaliada pela Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.

O Instituto de Filosofia rege-se por um Regulamento aprovado pelo seu Conselho Científico e pelo Conselho Científico da Faculdade de Letras.


Assembleia de investigadores do Instituto

Constituída pelos investigadores integrados doutorados do Instituto. 

Conselho Científico do Instituto

Constituído por 2 representantes de cada Grupo de Investigação ativo (Investigador principal e um investigador por cada grupo). 

Former IF Presidents / Scientific Coordinators

  • 1986-1998: Prof. Doutor Eduardo Abranches de Soveral;
  • 1998-2007: Prof.ª Doutora Maria Cândida Pacheco;
  • 2007-2008: Prof. Doutor Adalberto Dias de Carvalho;
  • 2008-2010; 2010-2014; 2014-2017: Prof. Doutor José Meirinhos.


Secretariado / Gestão de Ciência e Tecnologia (Science and Technology Manager): 
Dr.ª Isabel Marques: ifilosofia@letras.up.pt