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3I Seminar 2017-2018: Imaginations, Images, Imaginaries

From: 2017-10-19 To:2018-06-04

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    Modern & Contemporary Philosophy
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    Aesthetics, Politics & Knowledge
  • 3I Seminar 2017-2018
    Imaginations, Images, Imaginaries

    The history of philosophy is full of notions that, because of their semantic complexity, can be said to be inexhaustible. This is, for instance, the case of imagination. Let us think to the terminological polyphony at stake: phantasia, eikon, Bild, Einbildungskraft, fiction, phantasme, trace, imaginaire etc. And let us think to the several contexts, such as illusion, utopia, ideology, but also freedom, synthesis, mediation, analogy, metaphor, discovery and so on. The goal of this seminar is not to reconstruct a “history of imagination” in philosophy, but rather to reflect about the underlying problem that all these theories make emerge: the question of a productive absence, of a creative negation. Imagination has a paradoxical status: it is both absence and presence, negation and affirmation, distanciation from the real and its transformation.

    The 3I seminar will not remain within the limits of philosophical reflection. Indeed, after a first part devoted to different perspectives in the philosophy of imagination, the seminar will focus on communication studies, for two reasons. First, because our imagination is increasingly externalized, mediated, and build through and by media, especially digital media. Second, because we have more and more to do with digital machines that are able to synthesize, reproduce and produce by themselves. Let us think, for instance, to the widely discussed machine learning algorithms. These machines represent a challenge for the anthropocentrism that still characterizes great part of the human and social sciences.



    The seminar will be organized in six sessions.



    4 June 2018 | 15h30 | Sala de Reuniões 2

    Franck Cormerais (Université Bordeaux Montaigne): Imaginaire,  technologie et intention: interrogations sur la figure du «grand Autre» contemporain 




    7 May 2018 | 15h30 | Sala de Reuniões

    Kenneth R. WESTPHAL (Boðaziçi Üniversitesi, Ýstanbul): Kant’s Transcendental Power of Imagination




    7 May 2018 | 11h00 | Sala de Reuniões

    Cláudio Carvalho (Universidade do Porto): 'Between the confines of sense and Reason’. The role of the imagination in the Anatomy of melancholy.




    22 February 2018 | 10h30 | Sala do Departamento de Filosofia (Torre B - Piso 1)

    Enrico Terrone (University of Turin): Bringing the Nonexistent into Existence. Imagination and Ontology

    Discutant: Mattia Riccardi



    19 October 2017 | 10h30 | Sala do Departamento de Filosofia (Torre B - Piso 1)

    This first session of the seminar must be considered as a general introduction to the main issues related, for us, to imagination and its correlates, from Kant to digital media and technologies. 

    Luca Possati (Institut Catholique de Paris): The cogito and its image. Lacan, Castoriadis and the enigma of imagination

    Alberto Romele: From Registration to Emagination.

    Paulo Tunhas: A culpa da alma: da possibilidade da imaginação ao facto de estilo.


    Image: Devin Powers, Chorus (2013)


    Alberto Romele
    Paulo Tunhas
    Luca Possati
    Armando Malheiro

    Research Group Aesthetics, Politics and Knowledge
    Instituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto - FIL/00502
    Financiamento: FCT
    Programa Santander Universidades / U. Porto

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