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AI Ethics and Science Communication

From: 2021-12-16 To:2021-12-16

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    Modern & Contemporary Philosophy
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    Aesthetics, Politics & Knowledge
  • 16 December 2021 | 14h00 | Online

    AI Ethics and Science Communication:
    a still ignored (although necessary) relationship


    Alberto Romele (International Center for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities, University of Tübingen)



    Zoom link available by request: info@lucapossati.com



    The talk will be divided into three parts. In the first part, of "ontological" nature, I will try to show how the very definition of AI is incomplete if it does not include the communication about AI. In the second part, of "ethical" nature, I will try to show that AI ethics is still incomplete, despite its recent interest in culture and interculturality. This is because it does not yet consider the way AI is communicated, and the ethical effects of these communicative practices. In the third, so to speak "aesthetic" part, I will discuss visual representations of AI and show how a reflection on these can contribute to the current debate on AI ethics.


    Imagem: Designed by starline / Freepik


    Luca M. Possati (IF-UP)
    RG Aesthetics, Politics & Knowledge (APK)
    Instituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto - FIL/00502
    Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT)

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