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Zoom | Book Presentation: Thomas Aquinas on Seeing God

From: 2020-12-14 To:2020-12-14

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  • 15h00 (Portugal time) | 14 December 2020

    Book Presentation

    Thomas Aquinas on Seeing God. The Beatific Vision in his Commentary on Peter Lombard's Sentences IV.49.2, Translated and Introduced by Katja Krause (Mediæval Philosophical Texts in Translation 53, ed. Richard Taylor), Marquette University Press, 2020.



    Panel Discussion

    Speakers: Katja Krause (MPIWG-Berlin) and Patricia Calvário (IF/UP)




    "Thomas Aquinas's Commentary on the Sentences is, alas, rarely read. Thanks to Krause's English translation of the gigantic q. 2 of book 4, distinction 4 (on the beatific vision), however, Aquinas's early thought on this important theological and philosophical puzzle is now accessible to a wider readership. This book is more than a text translation: It is a veritable goldmine of information about the historical and conceptual dimensions of the problem with which Aquinas grapples. Its extensive volume introduction, which lays out all the strands of discourse - Greek, Arabic, Latin - in the historical conversation that Aquinas inherited, is a must-read for scholars working in the area, while also being clear and accessible for non-specialist readers. Additionally, Krause has provided illuminating introductions that clearly and elegantly map out the concepts at issue in each article. With Krause's aid, readers will find themselves well-equipped to plunge into these deep waters with Aquinas".

    Prof. Therese Cory (University of Notre Dame)


    Latin Text

    Thomas of Aquinas, Scriptum super Sententiis, IV.49.2



    Thomas of Aquinas, Scriptum super Sententiis, IV.49.2; Durham Cathedral Library MS. B.I.17 (256r-264v).





    Mediæval Philosophical Texts in Translation - Marquette University Press


    More information: https://ifilosofia.up.pt/proj/fdtw/book_presentation_thomas_aquinas


    Instituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto - FIL/00502
    TL Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy
    Project From Data to Wisdom. Philosophizing Data Visualizations in the Middle Ages and Early Modernity (13th-17th Century) - FDTW (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-029717)

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