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Continuities and Disruptions between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

From: 2007-06-15 To:2007-06-16

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  • Thematic Line

    Medieval & Early Modern Philosophy
  • 2nd Annual FIDEM Conference

    Warburg Institute, University of London, School of Advanced Study, 15-16 June, 2007.

    Organised jointly by the Warburg Institute, London and the Gabinete de Filosofia Medieval, Porto
    With the support of the Department of Philosophy, University of Porto and the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

    It has long been customary to say that there was a rupture between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Recent scholarship, however, has tended to question whether the break was so drastic and different scholars have placed the break at different points of time, often depending on the country concerned. This conference will bring together a select group of scholars, both those of confirmed reputations and younger scholars who have shown great potential, to explore what continuities or ruptures there were. It will consist of a number of case studies, rather than address the question in a general way. An important element of the conference will be discussion, for which the group of scholars who are coming together for the meeting of the committee of the Fédération Internationale des Instituts d'Études Médiévales (FIDEM), to be held just after the conference, will provide a forum.

    website: http://warburg.sas.ac.uk/lectures/continuities.html




    Friday 15 June
    10.00 Doors open; registration
    10.15 Welcome by Charles Burnett (Warburg Institute), Jacqueline Hamesse (President of FIDEM) and José Meirinhos (Gabinete de Filosofia Medieval, Porto)
    10.30 Olga Weijers, Researcher, Huygens Instituut, The Hague: The development of the disputation between the Middle Ages and Renaissance
    11.15 Coffee

    11.45 John Marenbon, Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge: Changes in attitudes towards pagans
    12.30 David d?Avray, Professor of Medieval History, UCL: Continuity in papal law
    1.15 Lunch (for invited guests)

    2.30 Magnus Ryan, Lecturer in Medieval Political Thought, Cambridge: Roman law from Scholasticism to the Renaissance
    3.15 Jill Kraye, Professor of the History of Renaissance Philosophy, Warburg Institute: From medieval to early modern Stoicism
    4.00 Tea

    4.30 Santiago Orrego Sánchez, Professor at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de
    Chile, Santiago: The XVIth century Salamanca School as a context of synthesis between the Middle Ages and Renaissance in theological and philosophical matters
    5.15 Agnès Passot-Mannooretonil, Lille: La spiritualité catholique à destination des mondains: mobilité des choix entre édification morale et dévotion dans le genre des miroirs
    6.00 Wine reception
    7.00 Buffet Supper (for invited guests)

    Saturday 16 June
    9.45 Doors open.
    10.00 Outi Merisalo, Professor of Romance Philology, University of Jyväskylä, Finland:
    Transition and continuity in medical manuscripts (XIIIth-XVth centuries)
    10.45 Dag Nikolaus Hasse, Professor of Medieval Philosophy, University of Würzburg:
    Greek versus Arabic astrology in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
    11.30 Coffee

    12.00 Guido Giglioni, Cassamarca Lecturer in NeoLatin Cultural and Intellectual History, Warburg Institute: Girolamo Cardano as interpreter of Pietro d?Abano
    12.45 J.J. Vila-Chã, Professor of Philosophy at the Universidade Católica, Braga: Between Middle Ages and Renaissance: Leone Ebreo and the circularity of love
    1.30 Conclusion

    Registration fee: £20.00 (£10.00 for students)
    For further information and registration please contact Elizabeth Witchell at the Warburg Institute or by e-mail: elizabeth.witchell@sas.ac.uk

    Organizing Committee

    José Meirinhos, Jacqueline Hamesse, Charles Burnett

    Jointly organised by:

    The Warburg Institute
    School of Advanced Study
    University of London
    Woburn Square
    London WC1H OAB
    Tel: (020) 7862 8949
    Fax: (020) 7862 8955

    Gabinete de Filosofia Medieval
    Faculdade de Letras
    Universidade do Porto
    Via Panorâmica s/n
    P-4150-564 Porto (Portugal)


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