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POSTPONED: Sabrina Ebbersmeyer: "Elisabeth of Bohemia (1618-1680) as a critic of Descartes"

From: 2021-05-18 To:2021-05-20

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    Medieval & Early Modern Philosophy
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    Reason, Politics & Society
  • Research Seminar, 18th & 20th May 2020.

    Professor Sabrina Ebbersmeyer (Copenhagen University)

    Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto:

    18th May
    Elisabeth of Bohemia (1618-1680) as a critic of Descartes

    20th May
    On the project "Archeology of the Female Intellectual Identity (Denmark and Germany, 1650-1800)"

    Postponed due to the Covid19 pandemic.
    To be reschedulled for 2021.


    Sabrina Ebbersmeyer is Philosophy Associate Professor at the Department of Communication (Copenhagen University). Teach and published extensively on Renaissance and Early Modern Philosophy, including Emotions, Gender Studies, Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, etc. Currently runs and is the PI of the project Archeology of the Female Intellectual Identity (Denmark and Germany, 1650-1800), and is President of the "European Society for Early Modern Philosophy" (ESEMP).


    Image: Gerard van Honthorst, portrait of Elisabeth of the Palatinate, Abbess of Hervorden, (© Ashdown House, Berkshire, London and South East, National Trust @ wiki commons).

    Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy TL / Intituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto.

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