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First Porto Workshop on Hallucinations

From: 2014-10-06 To:2014-10-07

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Group MLAG (2014 - 2015) now integrated in:
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  • First Porto Workshop on Hallucinations

     6-7 October 2014 | FLUP | Sala de Reuniões e Sala 201


    Salvador Dalí, Partial Hallucination: Six Appearances of Lenin on a Piano, Centre Georges Pompidous, Paris




    October 6, Monday | Sala de Reuniões

    14h15     Welcoming
    14h30    Ben Alderson-Day (Durham): Voices, Agents and Presences: Asking the “Who?” Question about Voices
    Chair: F. Larøi
    16h00     Coffee break
    16h30     Fabian Dorsch (Fribourg): The Seeming Relationality of Hallucinations
    Chair: M. Riccardi
    18h00     End

    October 7. Tuesday

    Sala de Reuniões

    11h00    Jérôme Dokic (Paris): Presence within and without Perception
    Chair: C. Travis
    12h30     Lunch

    Sala 201

    14h30     André Aleman (Groningen): Not on Speaking Terms: Auditory Hallucinations and Brain Activation
    Chair: A. Pinheiro
    16h00     Coffee break
    16h30     Bence Nanay (Antwerp): Hallucination as Mental Imagery
    Chair: S. Miguens
    18h00     End
    20h30     Dinner
    Mattia Riccardi (Porto | Bonn)
    Frank Larøi (Liége)
    Contact: mattiric@yahoo.it

    The workshop is part of the project “To See or Not to See? Hallucinations in Multidisciplinary Perspective”, funded by BIAL Foundation.

    Organização: Projeto de invesgação “To See or Not to See? Hallucinaons in Muldisciplinary Perspecve”, financiado pela Fundação BIAL
    Research Group Mind Language and Acon Group (MLAG)

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