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Immediate Self-Reference and the Mental – lectures by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Preyer

From: 2011-11-07 To:2011-11-12

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  • Immediate Self-Reference and the Mental – 3 lectures by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Preyer (Goethe Universität Frankfurt)

    Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto7- 12 November 2010

    The lectures are part of the Porto-Frankfurt (2008-2011) Project on Consciousness and Subjectivity  (Porto PI: Sofia Miguens; Frankfurt PI: Gerhard Preyer) and will take place partly in the context of MLAG GRADUATE CONFERENCE 2011 (organized by Rui Vieira da Cunha and Clara Morando). For more information about the Consciousness and Subjectivity Project, cf. http://mlag.up.pt/?project=consciousness-and-subjectivity-2008-2011-2


    November 8 , 14 h, Gabinete 118 – Torre B

    1st lecture: Externalism and First Person

     Externalism and the mental.Externalism does not offer an adequate conception of the mental. In particular externalism does not allow for an adequate understanding of first person authority.

    November 9, 14 h, Gabinete 118 – Torre B

    2nd lecture: Dieter Henrichs Turn- The Immediate Consciousness

    Immediate non-conceptual self-reference and the mental.The immediate non-conceptual self-reference as basic-feature of the mental. First-order, second-order thought, and transitivity. Higher-order-thought theories and transitivity do not allow for a correct characterization of the mental.

    November 11, 14h, Anfiteatro A2 – MLAG GRADUATE CONFERENCE 2011

    3rd lecture: Higher Order Thoughts and Transitivity, Mental Features and Self-determination

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