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Porto-Tübingen Workshop | Rationality, Self-Knowledge and Human Agency. Challenges from Cognitive Science, Philosophical Perspectives.

From: 2013-12-06 To:2013-12-07

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Group MLAG (2013 - 2015) now integrated in:
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    Modern & Contemporary Philosophy
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    Mind, Language & Action
  • Porto-Tübingen Workshop

     Rationality, self-knowledge and human agency.

    Challenges from cognitive science, philosophical perspectives.

     6-7 December 2013

    Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto



    Friday 6th December / Room 203

     14.00 – 15.15

    Hong Yu Wong (CIN, Tübingen)

    Sub-Intentional Action

     15.30 – 16.45

    Ana Pinheiro (Universidade do Minho)

    Is this voice mine or yours? Electrophysiological evidence for abnormal self-generated voice processing in schizophrenia

     17.00 — 18.15

    Chiara Brozzo (CIN, Tübingen)

    Prior Intentions vs. Intentions in Action: Dispelling the Myth


    Saturday 7th December / Sala de Reuniões

     10.00 – 11.15

    Susana Cadilha (MLAG, IF, FLUP)

    John McDowell on practical rationality – is he (really) talking about us?

     11.30 – 12.45

    Krisztina Orban (CIN, Tübingen)

    Immortality: the Limits of Thought Experiments


    14.30 — 15.45

    Francisco Pipa, Fernando Ferreira-Santos, Paulo Sousa & Carlos Mauro

    (Universidade Católica do Porto)

    Studying the Moral Mind with the Moral-Conventional task extended and revised

     16.00 – 17.15

    Alex Morgan (CIN, Tübingen)

    Representations Gone Mental

     17.30 – 18.45

    Mattia Riccardi (MLAG, IF, FLUP)

    Inner Opacity. Nietzsche on Introspection and Agency


    Scientific organizers:

    Sofia Miguens (MLAG, IF, FLUP)

    Julia Peters (Philosophisches Seminar, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)

    Mattia Riccardi (MLAG, IF, FLUP)

    Hong Yu Wong (CIN, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)


    Local organizers:

    Susana Cadilha (MLAG, IF, FLUP)

    Mattia Riccardi (MLAG, IF, FLUP)


    Event funded by the DAAD programme “Hochschuldialog mit Südeuropa”.


    Instituto de Filosofia (UI&D 502)
    Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
    Via Panorâmica s/n
    4150-564 Porto
    Tel. 22 607 71 80
    E-mail: ifilosofia2@letras.up.pt

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