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Sessão 2 | PPS Talks | 2021-2022 | Zoom Seminars

From: 2021-05-11 To:2021-05-11

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  • 11 de maio 2021 (terça-feira) | 18h00


    Sessão 2

    Beneficial machines? AI and the problem of control | Luca Possati (IF-UP)


    Moderação: Magda Costa Carvalho (Universidade dos Açores /IF-UP)


    Link para a sessão Zoom deve ser solicitado por email: ifilosofia@letras.up.pt (até às 17h00 do próprio dia)


    Abstract: Machines are beneficial to the extent that their actions can be expected to achieve our objectives. But how can we create machines that are truly beneficial to humans? “If we use, to achieve our purposes, a mechanical agency with whose operation we cannot interfere effectively, we had better be quite sure that the purpose put into the machine is the purpose which we really desire” says Norbert Wiener.
    Today AI plays a strategic role in any sector of human activity. An AGI (artificial general intelligence), that is, an artificial intelligence capable of carrying out any human task, even if distant in time, is logically possible. How can we be sure that we can master this type of development without being victim of it? How can we create AI systems that are more intelligent than humans but are able to share human values and preferences? AI challenges the rationalist conception of mind and requires rethinking not only the relationship between humans and machines, but also the relationship between humans and themselves. This is a completely new philosophical enterprise.  



    Bio: Luca M. Possati is a researcher in philosophy at the University of Porto. His fields of investigation are philosophy of technology and artificial intelligence. He is the author of The Algorithmic Unconscious. How Psychoanalysis Helps in Understanding AI (London: Routledge, 2021).


    Ciclo de Seminários PPS Talks 2021-2022 | Zoom Seminars: https://ifilosofia.up.pt/activities/pps-talks-2021-2022-zoom-seminars


    Imagem: Fotografia de Irandina Afonso


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