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The Implication of Human-Robot Interaction for Human-Human Relations

From: 2022-01-17 To:2022-01-17

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    Modern & Contemporary Philosophy
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    Aesthetics, Politics & Knowledge
  • 17 January 2022 | 14h00 | Online

    The Implication of Human-Robot Interaction for Human-Human Relations


    Piercosma Bisconti (Ph.D. Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies)


    Zoom link available by request: info@lucapossati.com


    Over the last 20 years the research on Social Robots, namely machines specifically conceived and designed to produce a social interaction with users, gained growing interest both in the academic field and in public opinion. Within this group of robots, often anthropomorphic both in appearance and behaviour, we can further distinguish Companion robots, in which the establishment of a relational bond with the user is the very goal of the robot. Together with a widespread enthusiasm toward these machines and their applications, especially in the assistive and care-taking activities, multiple concerns were raised by scholars. In this talk, we will focus on one fundamental topic of discussion: will the interaction with Companion robots impact humans’ relational patterns, modifying human-human relations? At the intersection of philosophy, psychology, and human-robot interactions, we argue that, given precise conditions, this shift might happen. This discussion will involve the concept of quasi-other relations of Don Ihde, the object-relation theory of Donald Winnicott and a reflection on the peculiarity of robot’s communication.


    Luca M. Possati (IF-UP)
    RG Aesthetics, Politics & Knowledge (APK)
    Instituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto - FIL/00502
    Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) 

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