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Visio et cognitio. Representations of Knowledge, from Medieval to Digital

From: 2018-11-26 To:2018-11-27

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    Medieval & Early Modern Philosophy
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    Aristotelica Portugalensia
    Reason, Politics & Society
  • Kick-off Meeting of the research project “From Data to Wisdom"

    Visio et cognitio. Representations of Knowledge, from Medieval to Digital

    Porto, Faculdade de Letras, 26th-27th November 2018, Meeting Room 1

    Research project “From Data to Wisdom. Philosophising Data Visualisations in the Middle Ages and Early Modernity (13th-17th Century)”: https://ifilosofia.up.pt/projects/data-wisdom

    Members and international advisers of the project will present papers, in English or Portuguese, dealing with any of the following project issues:
    - Theory of perception or external senses;
    - Soul faculties or internal senses (e.g. memory, fantasy, imagination);
    - Diagrams and graphical representation of knowledge
    - Visualisation and effects of diagrams in the sciences.
    Due to the broad temporal dimension of the project, papers might concern medieval and modern problems or authors, as well as any subject derived from the contemporary criticism on the digital.



    26 November

    10.00: Welcome address

    • Dean of the Faculty of Arts: Fernanda Ribeiro
    • Director of the Instituto de Filosofia: Paula Oliveira e Silva
    • Project's IP team: José Higuera & José Meirinhos

    10.15: Project Introduction

    • José Meirinhos (UPorto), How to Organize Data: Contemporary Dreams and the Medieval Way
    • José Higuera (UPorto), The Medieval Visualization Outlines in the Project’s Context and its Goals
    • Alberto Romele (UCat. Lille), Imaginative Machines in the Artworld



    • Dario Rodighiero (ULaussane/MIT), The Value of Concepts in the Shared Design Practice

    13.00: Lunch


    Papers from Project’s Research Team:

    • Augusto Nava Mora, (UAMadrid/IULCE), Diagramming Visual Perception in Dante: Exploration of a Medieval Model for the Study of the Rational Soul
    • Simone Guidi (UCoimbra), Figuring the world. Descartes' Theory of Figuration in the Rules and its Psychological Background​
    • Rosa Colmenarejo Fernández (ULoyola Andalucía) — Javier Sánchez Monedero (UCardiff), Exploring the Contemporary Representations of the Hidden: the Pretense of (a)Morality of the Black Box in Machine Learnin
    • Paulo Tunhas (UPorto), A visualização das teorias e a evidência



    • José Higuera Rubio (UPorto), Presentation: Project’s Research Team, WPs, Project's Goals, Expected Outcomes, Milestones

    18.30: Porto Wine
    20.30: Dinner

    27 November
    10.00 - 12.30: Round-Table

    • The Medieval and Contemporary Conception of Knowledge and the Visual Experience
      Panel: Katja Krause (Max Planck Inst., Berlin) - chair; Paula Oliveira e Silva (UPorto); Alberto Romele (ULille) ​


    José Higuera (IP) -- José Meirinhos (co-IP)
    Manager: Isabel Marques; Secretary: Ana Ferreira.
    Project: “From Data to Wisdom. Philosophising Data Visualisations in the Middle Ages and Early Modernity (13th-17th Century)” Reference: POCI-01-0145-FEDER-029717 / Instituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto.

    Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme (POCI), under the Portugal 2020 Partnership Agreement, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and through national funds by Fundação para a Ciência  e a Tecnologia (FCT).
    Programa Santander Universidades/Universidade do Porto

    Image: London, British Library, Sloane 981, f. 68r


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