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Zoom | Seminário 3 | Filosofia, Ética e Política 2019-2020

From: 2020-05-19 To:2020-05-19

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    Filosofia, Ética e Política​


    Zoom Seminar

    19 de maio 2020 | 15h30


    Zoom Seminar: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/96562189423
    Senha: 038799 

    Seminário 3

    Teoría y crítica de la sociedad civil

    Domingo García-Marzá (Universitat Jaume I)



    Domingo García-Marzá, Chair of Ethics and Politics at Jaume I University in Castellón, Spain. Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Valencia, he has expanded studies of Politics in Frankfurt (Germany) and Economy and Business in St. Gallen (Switzerland) and Notre Dame (United States). He has been Vice Chancellor of Communication, as well as director of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology. He has published his works in prestigious publishers and in national and international journals. His lines of research include: business ethics, applied ethics, deliberative democracy, civil society, as well as ethics and compliance systems. Coordinator of the Interuniversity Master of Ethics and Democracy at Universitat Jaume I, he is director of the interuniversity doctorate of excellence of the same name. The results of these investigations have found application in multiple works carried out for companies and administrations. He is a member of several ethics and social responsibility committees.

    Imagem: Fotografia de Isabel Marques


    Ciclo de Seminários Filosofia, Ética e Política 2019-2020https://ifilosofia.up.pt/activities/ciclo-de-seminarios-filosofia-etica-e-politica-2019-2020


    Research Group Philosophy and Public Space
    Instituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto - FIL/00502
    Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT)

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