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Zoom | Session 2 | MLAG Internal Research Seminar | Summer 2020

From: 2020-07-10 To:2020-07-10

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    Mind, Language & Action
  • Session 2

    July 10, 2020 | 10h30 | Zoom Meeting


    Seminário de Investigação Interno do MLAG Verão 2020

    The aim of this seminar-series is the discussion of recent or ongoing work of members of the research group MLAG (Institute of Philosophy, University of Porto). The first intended audience are MLAG members themselves, but we hope the discussions will be of interest to a wider audience so we will keep the sessions open (subject to registration). It is often the case that research lines are pursued unbeknownst of other members of the group, producing results that remain underdiscussed. So we decided to enter a period of self-knowledge. Everyone is invited to join – we will organize the sessions by Zoom so it is irrelevant where you are. We will try to organize sessions around the three main areas of our work: mind, language and action (although some of us are not very confortable with some of those words and would prefer to say that ‘thought’ and not mind is the main topic of our research)


    If you are interested in participating please send an email to ifilosofia@letras.up.pt (Instituto de Filosofia - Isabel Marques) or smiguens@letras.up.pt (Sofia Miguens) and we will send you the link to the sessions.


    Session 2 – Mind

    Eylem Özaltun, What is wrong with Baldy? A radical non-referring view of “I”

    (in Dolores García Arnaldos & Sofia Miguens (eds.), Enrahonar Núm. 64, 2020, Special Issue, G.E.M. Anscombe: Reason, Reasoning and Action. ISSN 0211-402X (paper), ISSN 2014-881X (digital), https://revistes.uab.cat/enrahonar)


    Abstract: That the study of the first-person reports of intentional actions, happenings, thoughts, and sensations as revealing the structure of self-consciousness was a central theme of Anscombe’s work in philosophy of mind has not been sufficiently registered in the literature.
    I aim to show that this theme animated many of her works throughout her writing career and her “The First Person” (1974) can be best understood as one of these works and in the light of others.


    Some recent or forthcoming work to be discussed:

    • Sofia Miguens, The Logical Alien, Harvard UP, 2020.
    • Charles Travis, Frege – The Pure Business of Being True, Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2020.
    • Mattia Riccardi ed. (with Frank Larøi), Journal of Consciousness Studies, Special Issue on Hallucination, 23/7-8 (2016).


    MLAG Internal Research Seminar | Summer 2020: https://ifilosofia.up.pt/activities/mlag-internal-research-seminar-summer-2020


    Sofia Miguens
    Mind, Language and Action Group (MLAG)
    Instituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto – FIL/00502

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