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Pedro Mantas España



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    Medieval & Early Modern Philosophy
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    Aristotelica Portugalensia
    Reason, Politics & Society
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    Curriculum Vitae

    Senior Lecturer – Faculty of Humanities, Universidad de Córdoba.

    Pedro Mantas, born 1960 in Córdoba (Spain), studied philosophy at the Universidad de Comillas (Madrid) and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He made his PhD research at “The Warburg Institute” (University of London) under the direction of Prof. Charles Burnett and obtained his PhD in 1994 at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Being away from the university teaching and research for several years, he returned to his university career in 2007. He is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities (area of Philosophy) of the Universidad de Córdoba. He shares part of his research activity at the “Instituto de Filosofia – Gabinete do Filosofia Medieval” (IF-GFM) of the University of Porto (Portugal) and “The Warburg Institute”, in both institutions he has taught different Seminars on some Medieval Philosophy topics. Mantas España is a founder member and Secretary of the Spanish “Sociedad de Filosofía Medieval”, and a member of the “International Society of Medieval Philosophy” (SIEPM).

    Research Interests

    Pedro Mantas research in focused in two main fields: transfer of knowledge in the Middle Ages (12th C Renaissance in particular), and philosophical hermeneutics on the History of Philosophy. He studies scientific and philosophical contacts between Latin intellectuals and Arabs masters, such as the reception and interpretation of scientific and philosophical translations from Arabic to Latin. Special – he pays particular attention to the development of the conception of nature and reason in Latin Western Europe, as a result of the fruitful intellectual relations between Arabic, Jewish and Latin scholars. He is international researcher of the Research Project: "Iberian Scholastic Philosophy at the Crossroads of Western Reason: The Reception of Aristotle and the Transition to Modernity” (IF-GFM, Universidade do Porto).

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