Reason, Politics & Society


PhD students 2013-2019

Celeste Pedro, on printing culture in 16th C. Portugal  (concluded in 2018)

Gonçalo Figueiredo, on fruitio in John Duns Scotus  (concluded 2015)

Maria Célia dos Santos, on Augustine and creation (concluded 2013)

Maria Joana Matos Gomes, on arabic sources in portuguese medieval historiography (concluded 2017)

Nilo Silva, on Augustine and emotions (concluded 2013)

Patrícia Joana do Nascimento Calvário, on Gregory Palamas

Rafaela Câmara Simões da Silva, On biblical sources in medieval historiography


MS dissertations

Maria Luís Leite Pinho, On feminine freedom and medieval mysticism

David Cerqueira, On John Wyclif's Trialogus

Vasco Gama, On individual freedom and hapiness in John of Salisbury (concluded 2016)

Joaquim Pedro Rodrigues, On Machiavello and political power (concluded 2013)

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