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Nova publicação | Ethics and Aesthetics: Issues at Their Intersection (Special Issue Disputatio)

Published at 13/12/2022

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    Modern & Contemporary Philosophy
  • Edição de Susana Cadilha (IFILNOVA) e Vítor Guerreiro (investigador do IF)


    Foi publicada online, a 28 de novembro de 2022, a edição especial da Revista Disputatio, intitulada "Ethics and Aesthetics: Issues at Their Intersection" (Volume 13, Issue 62), editada por Susana Cadilha e Vítor Guerreiro.


    Os conteúdos deste número podem ser consultados em: https://sciendo.com/issue/DISP/13/62



    Disputatio is an international journal of philosophy in the analytic tradition. It is owned by the Centre of Philosophy of the University of Lisbon and managed by the LanCog research group. The journal is a non-profit publishing venture. It is currently published by De Gruyter/Sciendo, exclusively online, as a fully open-access journal. Disputatio aims at publishing high-quality articles in any area of analytic philosophy (broadly construed), written in either English or Portuguese.

    Instituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto - FIL/00502
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