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Depicting Research in Humanities through Digital Environments

Porto 14th of June, 2022

At Casa dos Livros, Porto


The IIIF Reader is a tool designed for annotating and visualizing images through the International Image Interoperability Framework, this workshop aims at presenting and using the software.

This workshop is aimed at presenting the IIIF Reader: a digital tool designed for annotating and visualizing networks of images. Attendees are introduced to the needs that the digital tool is intended to tackle, and invited to test the platform. The goal is to discuss short- and long-term visions in order to develop the next version of the digital tool. The workshop is intended for scholars interested in annotating diagrams, and more general images, by exploring innovative ways of working at micro (details), meso (images), and macro (sets) scales.

The goal is to establish an atmosphere of exchange and fruitful application of interpretative theories about visual tools, using digital means. The added value of the IIIF-Reader Workshop is that it brings together code developers with specialists in visual tools analysis, to pursue updates in technical issues and user experience in parallel with theoretical enquiries, and to have the opportunity to reflect upon the results of the project From Data to Wisdom.



Olívia Pestana (Porto University)

Michel Kabalan (Porto University)

Matteo Azzi (Calibro)

Luca Possatti (Porto University)

José Higuera (UNED)

Dario Rodighiero (University of Groningen)

Christoph Sander (Bibliotheca Hertziana)

Celeste Pedro (Porto University)

Alberto Romele (Tübingen University)


Venue: Casa dos Livros (Rua do Campo Alegre, n.º 1055)

10:00 - Coffee Reception

10:15 - Sofia Miguens - Wellcome Session

10:40 - José Higuera, Machine Rhetorics: How to Digitally Explore Medieval Diagrammatics

11:00 - Michel Kabalan, Envisioning Arabic Diagrams in Medieval Manuscripts of Philosophy

11:20 - Luca Possatti, Feynman's Diagrams. A Peircean Analysis

11:40  - Celeste Pedro, Visual Ontologies for Medieval Diagrams

12:00 - Christoph Sander, A Semantic Framework for Images: The Case of Rara Magnetica (1500-1650) 

12:30 - Q&A

13:00 - 14:30 Lunch Break

14:30 - Olívia Pestana, Knowledge Organisation Systems: a Conceptual Approach Through the Lens of Information Science

15:00 - Dario Rodighiero, Surprise Machines: Revealing Harvard Art Museums Image Collection

15:30 - Matteo Azzi, Introduction to the software IIIF Reader

16:00 - Coffee break + attendees are invited to experiment with the Annotations Tool


16:30 - Q&A + Networking

17:30 - Alberto Romele, Concluding Remarks

José Higuera - Closing Session

18:00 - Happy Hour Meetup

Zoom link to the meeting:

Time: 14 jun. 2022 from 09:30 (am) Lisbon
(note that the time is British Summer Time = UTC+1)

Meeting ID: 824 8118 9403

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