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Paper Draft: Pandemic Graphs

Pandemic Graphs: Emotional Tracking and Privacy Visualization

During these weeks, there is a phenomenon that has overwhelmed our lives: graphs that represent the global pandemic evolution. Simultaneously, it has discussed the emergence of another sort of graph in which represents our daily "trace" in an uncertain environment of the future "normalization". The function of these two types of graphs is entirely different. On the one hand, the first is a numerical and probabilistic diagnosis. Meanwhile, the second is a real-time datafication of privacy. This paper proposes a comparison between the one-dimensional aspects of numerical graphs and the "arboreal" complexity of datafication. Both models of gathering data -and its visualization- generate emotional tendencies featured by the sophistication of the "attention economy" that makes us "proactive" subjects who make decisions according to the pop-ups that our "graphic tracing" generates. These models establish a reciprocal relationship that overcomes the question of our illusory privacy, since emotions link the one-dimension graphs with the user's attention that, little by little, take them towards the visualization of tracing. Users become proactive subjects of privacy datafication to avoid "bigger damages". The paradox of data individuation and visualization of tracing shows the complex dissolution of privacy in a dataficated visual space.


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