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    Mind, Language & Action

Project Autofocus aims at establishing a research domain founded on the porosity of knowledge and which comes off as a result of intersections. Architecture, Philosophy, Neurosciences are the broad constituents of the domain. All of them take the real world as their object and living agents as subjects. Autofocus grows out of the Mind, Language and Action Group. For the design of its programme it sticks to the unifying role of the three topics. Yet its scope is expanded to the built reality, where they merge and from which it emerges. Autofocus was designed as a network of individual and institutional partnerships, capable of meeting the objectives of interdisciplinarity. As a research community we aim at postdisciplinar intersections. See also the Autofocus Seminars.

Project coordinator: Pedro Borges de Araújo

Links: BlogFacebook groupMoodle (2015/2016)

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