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ETHNA System

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ETHNA System

Ethics Governance System for RRI in Higher Education, Funding and Research Centres

Coordinator: Elsa González- Esteban, Universitat Jaume I- Castellon (Spain).

Researchers from the RG Philosophy and Public Space: Paula Cristina Pereira and Maria João Couto. 

Grant agreement ID: 872360

Program: H2020 – Horizon 2020

Financing Institution: EUROPEAN COMMISSION

Competitive Financing / Financial Geographic ScopeInternational

Nº. of participant institutions: 10

Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto – Associated Member

Start: 2020-01-01

Expected end date: 2023-06-30

Overall budget approved: 1.490.718, 75 EUR

Funded under H2020-EU.5. f.


The goal of the project is to implement and enforce an internal management and procedural system of the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) within 6 European Higher Education, Funding and Research Centres (HEFRC). It aims to generate a process of Ethical Governance of the RRI where Gender equality, Open Science, Citizens’ Engagement, and Integrity Research (ethics) dimensions will be also necessarily addressed through a multi-stakeholder governance. It will be translated into a new formal organisational structure that will facilitate the compliance with all RRI dimensions in all scientific disciplines as well as assuring the innovations accomplished are made according to the needs of civil society demands. ETHNA System will be implemented in 6 HEFRCs from 5 different countries (Spain, Norway, Bulgaria, Estonia, and Portugal) and 4 types of contexts (Higher Education, Research Funding, Innovation Ecosystems and Research Centre). It is expected that ETHNA System will be institutionalised so that the changes will be sustainable after the project life cycle. 


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