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Sephardic Portuguese Authors


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  • Thematic Line

    Medieval & Early Modern Philosophy
  • Research Groups

    Aristotelica Portugalensia
    Reason, Politics & Society
  • Members

    José Francisco Preto Meirinhos

Sephardic Portuguese Authors is a collaborative project that aims to gather all the information on Portuguese or Portuguese origin sephardic authors, in all fields, even though its main focus are the fields of Philosophy, Science and Theology. It covers a long period, from the XIIth century to the XVIIIth century, maintaining an interest in these authors' studies and their context, published in any language.

The main goal of the project is to provide information and, whenever possible, the works themselves, or make available resources to their in-depth study.

Its purposes are research, developed in parallel with other projects of the Gabinete de Filosofia Medieval, particularly ARCA


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